Rajasekhar comments on Pawan Kalyan GS scene

rp_Rajashekar-Latest-Stills-11-300x200-300x200-300x200.jpgHero Rajasekhar who is gearing up for his comeback film Garuda vega has reacted again to Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s comedy scene from Gabbar Singh.

As part of his film ‘Garuda vega’ promotion, he told a TV channel that Pawan Kalyan was very angry with him and gave warning to him indirectly through the scene. Pawan Kalyan was angry because He revealed the Praja Rajyam Party and the things that were going on.

Rajasekhar made sensational remarks about 1990s era, He said he was on success track with back to back hits and some people were jealous of him, they advised heroines and directors not to work with him. Nobody can pulldown talented people, said the actor.

Rajeshekhar also gave an explanation of his daughter Sivani’s career. He said Sivani is interested in acting in movies and she is also waiting for the first film. She is listening to the stories.