Rajanikanth the real Super Star

There are many film stars in india who believe themselves as super stars with couple of hits, but no one matches with the real super star  who changed the definition of it,he is none other than Rajanikanth. He is the only star who believes in humanity and stood as example .

Recently, A big fan of Rajinikanth was affected by cancer and when this was informed to Superstar.. Superstar himself wanted to see Karthik in the hospital, But Karthik’s parent and uncle brought him to Superstar’s office.. Superstar welcomed Karthik by going near the car in which Karthik had come..He hugged Karthik, spoke to him,
Autographed, Gifted a momento (Sivaji the boss statue) and made Karthik happy to thecore..The whole family of Karthik thanked
Superstar and was in tears.. !!!!!