Rajamouli’s Vel deals

Ace Director Rajamouli became a businessman; He is using his name as goodwill to grab offers from others for his family. As all knew ‘Vel Records’ belongs to Rajamouli family, this audio company trying to grab movies from other audio companies offering producers a package deals.

According to sources, For NTR’s Dammu a package of 3 crores and audio rights were grabbed.  For Eega, a package deal of 25 crores for Direction, Music, along with audio rights and other 3 departments. For Nagarjuna’s Shirdi Sai a package deal of 2 crores for music along with audio rights was taken. Music Director has become very busy now a day with continuous hits has come up with a rule. He will do music to film on one condition that is the audio rights of the film must go to Vel Records. We generally see such nonsense with local clinics where a doctor insists patients to buy medicines from side by medical hall. The main reason for entering into audio market is Bollywood, If suppose any song get a tremendous response ,it will definetly attract Bollywood maker and they never compramise to pay huge amount to own the tune and all tunes copy rights will lie with audio company.

Interesting news that Eega producer Sai Korrapati has given always audio rights of Andhala Rakshasi to Vel records for free of cost as a gift to Rajamouli for making Eega a super success with his publicity campaign. In return Rajamouli has promised him to that he would support for his next release publicity campaign; in this context Rajamouli bought a share of the movie to give his brand name for the movie so that it fetches a good opening especially at overseas. But, of the record NRI’s are not at all happy with Rajamouli childish warning and are ready to teach him a lesson.