Rajamouli’s ‘Supernatural’ Approach

Rajamouli’s ‘Supernatural’ Approach

It seems ace director  Rajamouli prefers to incorporate supernatural elements in his movies. If we go through the genres of Rajamouli’s previous four movies in a row, surprisingly, it is understood that every movie contains a supernatural element in it. Check out the following details.

YAMADONGA: This socio fantasy movie was released in 2007. We can see lord Yama’s character( Mohan Babu) and young Yama’s character (Jr.NTR) and Yamaloka sets in this movie. Since this movie has been a nice mix of social and mythological contents, the movie is filled with full of supernatural elements.

MAGADHEERA: This is the story of rebirths. We can see witch crafts in the character of Ghora in this movie. Certainly, it is said, many supernatural elements are incorporated in this movie.

MARYADA RAMANNA: Although, this is purely a social subject,consisting without any mythological and historical content, there is a bicycle in the movie, which speaks itself, like a man. The voice over was given by Ravi Teja to this cycle. So, again there is a supernatural element for this movie.

EEGA: Like ‘Magadheera’, this is also a story based on rebirth. As per the reports, it is heard that the movie is filled with lot of visual effects which include, witch crafts as well. Finally, this movie has been considered the fourth movie in a row in the direction of Rajamouli, which consists of supernatural elements.