Rajamouli’s statements are really shocking : Sridevi

srideviIt is a known fact that the veteran, Sridevi has been dropped off from the cast of Indian cinema ‘Baahubali’, which had set a new benchmark at Boxoffice, But a new controversy has popped up with Rajamouli’s recent statements on Sridevi.

Rajamouli in an interview said, Lucky that Sridevi rejected to play Sivagami’s role in ‘Baahubali: 2’. She demanded a hefty amount to accept the offer followed by several other demands including booking an entire floor in a five-star hotel and business class tickets from Mumbai to Hyderabad.

Reacting on this, Sridevi denied that she has demanded 8 to 10 crores and other demands mentioned by Rajamolui. She said If she had such demands before producers How could she act in more than 300 films including 24 films with Raghavendra Rao.

She said, Rajamouli’s statements are really shocking and also have hurt her. Rajamouli is a great technician and also wish to work with him but  It’s unfortunate on part of Rajamouli to make such remarks on the social platform. She said she has missed so many movies earlier for several reasons,? .Why these None hasn’t questioned her when she missed those films?