Rajamouli’s reveals his life ambition

rajamouli-478474Rajamouli, whose magnum opus “Baahubali” which he calls his tribute to Indian epic Mahabharat is now eyeing to make Mahabharata itself.

He said, His life ambition is to make epic Mahabharata, It will be a biggest hit and it will be his ultimate goal in life . All the films made till now are just initial steps to reach his ultimate goal. He said Mahabharata will be made in 4-5 parts.

Meanwhile,  This Baahubali director comes with a solution for piracy , He said Internet is a medium where people will see serials ,  films,videos and other things. Internet is a market and film industry  people did not exploit it, but piracy makers have taken the advantage of it . He advised to release movies through internet to earn money rather crying on piracy . Internet should be considered as a medium to release films .