Rajamouli’s Mahabharata in 5 parts

mahabharatAce director SS Rajamouli who has taken cinema as passion and making films with International standards, there is no such director in India cinema who has such a dedication.

There is no better example than ‘Bahubali’ for Rajamouli’s creativity and dedication. Rajamolui first trust himself and people around him trust his work. This is the reason for Baahubali success that took 5 years for making.

Rajamouli’s life-dream is to make Mahabharata which is much bigger project than Baahubali. Although many film and TV serials have come based on this Indian Mythology But there are a lot of expectations on Rajamouli’s Mahabharata.

Nobody knows when the project will go on to the sets, but there is a lot of buzz about this project in film circles.

According to Rajamouli’s father Vijayendra Prasad, Rajamouli is planning to make Mahabharata in 5 parts like Lord of the Rings. This project would be much bigger project than James Cameron’s Avatar. The film will be definitely a visual wonder in terms of graphics. That’s the reason Rajamoili has no tension about Malayalam Mahabharata which is likely to be made with 1000 crores budget, said Vijayendra Prasad.