Rajamouli’s idea for Chiranjeevi !!

Director Rajamouli changed his attitude completely after Eega super success, Jakkanna who used to be polite with all star heroes and answer heroes fans  in a very dignified manner keeping his intentions secret and answer them in such a way that fans never get hurt or lose hopes. But now he became very open and started criticizing even top heroes with his arrogent statements .What the media and industry colleagues could not elicit, ‘Eega’, or rather its glory, has caused Rajamouli to speak on his future plans. He is very unlikely to make a film with Mahesh Babu, or Pawan Kalyan (who has expressed his desire to act under his direction) for that matter.

Today, In Eega success tour at Rajahmundry , Out of curiosity Mega fans once again asked Rajamouli the same question about the directing Chiru’s 150th film, Instead of smiling or saying ‘lets see’ (his previous mannerism before Eega success) , He said openly I wont direct any star heroes movies especially Chiranjeevi’s. And said  atmost  i can provide him with a script if they ask me , He also stated that he can only direct heroes like Nani but not Top heroes.

However, this is only the smaller part. The big news is that he (or his father, Vijayendra Prasad) seems to have an idea for Chiranjeevi. The one thing that has been stopping ‘Chiru’ from making a mega re-entry on the screen is a terrific idea. If Rajamouli had an idea, Megastar’s fans would well look forward to a stunning comeback of their hero in grand way or else his father might take up the opportunity.