Rajamouli’s Eega impress Suresh babu

Senior producer D Suresh Babu is a hard nut to crack and impressing a person like him will be never gonna be easy. But Rajamouli achieved that with his magical touch to ‘Eega’.

Notably, D Suresh Babu is one of the producers of ‘Eega’. After seeing the first copy of the film last night, he hugged Rajamouli and expressed his happiness by saying he is proud to be part of a film like Eega.

Jakkanna has passed the first test. Of course, the final verdict is in the hands of audience. Now, it’s up to them to decide the fate of the film at the Box Office.

Eega is carrying excellent positive buzz and having one of biggest release Telugu film has ever had with as many as 1200 prints. The film releasing in three languages simultaneously (Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam) on July 6th and the makers have plans to make a 3D Hindi version soon. Will good positive buzz surrounding the film, Eega might become one of the biggest Tollywood hits!