Rajamouli,Prabhas film to release in 2015

Tollywood Numbero uno director – Young Rebel Prabhas combination film to be released in 2015 .

Currently, Rajamouli is busy stretching out of his skin to promote and push his graphical extravaganza ‘Eega’ to the fullest. After this, his next venture is with Prabhas who is currtely doing a Rebel which was supposed to be released by summer got delayed and still under shoot and also one more film Varadhi which is also under shoot has to be completed before both of these start a new film.By the time everything is done and the film will hit the floors and gets completed, it would be another two and half years.

As it is Rajamouli is a slow and steady person who takes his time to come out with the best product possible. But there are those who are frowning that at this rate, the ace director will hardly make even fifteen films in his entire career. Given the need for blockbusters in Tollywood, maybe it is time for Rajamouli to increase the speed.