Rajamouli With Ram After Prabhas

Director S S Rajamouli has proved that he has perfect clarity of thought while making his movies but the cine folks say he is quite unpredictable when it comes to his projects. After ‘Magadheera’ many were expecting something huge and Rajamouli ended up doing a film with Sunil.

Similarly, many were expecting something big after that and he ended up taking Nani for ‘Eega’. Now, the point of suspense is, who will Rajamouli take after this. For now, one news is confirmed that he would be working with Prabhas after ‘Eega’ but who after that is the big question.

Few sources have already done some investigation and they state that Rajamouli is eyeing Ram for a project. As such, Rajamouli has got a penchant for heroes who show a lot of energy onscreen. That’s how Ravi Teja came with ‘Vikramarkudu’. Only time will tell whether Ram is the man or not.