Rajamouli special thanks to Balakrishna

rajamouli-balakrishnaAce director Rajamouli thanked a list of wellwishers whom he missed to thank from the dais of Baahubali audio launch function which held in Tirupati yesterday. He particularly tanked Balakrishna for getting the required permission to organise the event.

Rajamouli Tweets…

Back home after an exhilarating and exhausting experience in Tirupati.Forgot2thank a whole lot of people who helped us in the film&the event

Particularly my producers Shobu and Chinna, without whose vision and commitment we couldn’t have reached this far.shobu is the person who Truly believed we can go international and pushed the boundaries. Thanks andi.

Sendhil who never once lost his sight of the goal and maintained a high standard up till this moment.It was gr8 to have you onboard Sendhil Srinivas Mohan garu, our Vfx supervisor who never let the bar down. Dedicated 3 years of his life for baahubali. Thanks andi.

Sudeep, nimma bagge bengaluru nalli maathaadithini.:) And how could I forget raghavendra rao garu. He had so much of confidence in me. That is the biggest boon a disciple can get from his guru.

Like an idiot I forgot to mention one person who helped us to get the permission in the first place. I thank Nandamuri Balakrishna garu from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of our entire unit.

And the people I wanted to mention director Sri. KV Reddy garu for teaching the industry what commercial screenplay is Shyam prasad reddy garu for bringing Vfx to Indian film industry, director Shankar garu for showing us how Vfx can be used commercially.