Rajamouli son Kartikeya face harassment allegations

rajamoulis-sonA drone manufacturer ( who does not wish to be named) made serious allegations against director Rajamouli’s son Karthikeya.

The drone manufacturer alleged that Kartikeya was keen to have drones for a film and has called him, used his drones services and kept the drones with himself without returning them. Kartikeya didn’t even pay the money for services.

He further alleged that Kartikeya took the drones and customized them for the shooting and used their services for 9 days and later avoided him.Kartikeya allegedly harassed him keeping the drones with him.

He said, Kartikeya needs to pay him Rs.2 Lakhs. This incident took place when Kartikeya was line producer for Nagachairtya’s Yuddam Saranam” produced by Varahi films. He also alleged that the loss incurred on the spare parts were also not paid to him.

Kartikeya responded to this allegation. He said, The drone manufacturer claimed that Drones would work something great but they have unperformed. That’s the reason they have kept the drone with them. He said that the work ended incompletely and not even 10 per cent work was done by the drone of the paid amount.