Rajamouli refuses to direct Chiranjeevi

Riding high with the success of ‘Eega’, ace director Rajamouli has passed some sensational comments about Chiru’s 150th film. He has rejected the idea of handling Chiru and expressed that he is not comfortable doing that.

While touring in Warangal district to share the success of ‘Eega’ with audiences, Rajamouli has given sensation statements. For a question posed by a fan, he expressed his interest to be a part of that movie, but confirmed that he will not direct it.

‘I cannot handle big stars like Chiranjeevi. Maybe if he asks, I’ll provide script for his 150th film. I’m happy directing a small hero like Nani, as directing big heroes is difficult’, stated Rajamouli.

When everyone from Film Industry is expecting Rajamouli to wield megaphone for Chiru’s prestigious 150th film, these comments have hit them on the head. Though Rajamouli says that he cannot handle, one would generally wonder why a director of that merit cannot work with Chiru. They say that there is something to read between the lines.