Rajamouli is best director but not best Businesssman

Going by the sources in the industry, ace director S.S. Rajamouli’s forthcoming film Eega has been sold for  Rs 34 crore, which is almost at par with the superstar market in T-town, with just 2 crores table profit in his kitty.

Rajamouli is a brand by himself , an undisputed number one director of Tollywood with no flops , could not manage to sell his Eega for a  good price. Eega production cost was around 32 crores and he sold it for 34 crores with just 2 crores profit and other sources to fetch  5-6 crores for satellite rights 1-2 crores for audio rights ,so total 10 crores profit for 2 years of hard work, where as director like Puri Jagannath generated 10 crores for 3-4 months of hard work. Its time to rethink his approach and come forward to do more movies instead of depending on creativity, If one flop he may taste Director Gunashakar’s fate.

Featuring Nani and Samanta, the sci-fi thriller Eega  is a “housefly” and the story is about how it seeks revenge against an evil force (Sudeep). The flick is loaded with a lot of CG work.