Rajamouli Inspired By Boyapati Calm Composure

The friendship between film director Rajamouli and Jr.NTR is now nearly a decade old. All these years they have showed immense faith and trust in each other capabilities and also stood by each other as a pillar of support.

Currently Jr.NTR is getting ready for his hi-fi Action drama movie Dammuwhich will release tomorrow.

A recent tweet regarding this movie came from Rajamouli’s side. He said that he was bumping regular into Boyapati Sreenu (director –Dammu) and was surprised as to how composed he was when the release of this high end movieis just a couple days away. He says Boyapati carries the stature of a confident man who has already won his battle.

Rajamouli on the other hand says that maintaining the same calm and composure for him is an extremely difficult task. Rajamouli is busy with his post production work of Eega.

He is known to be a director who has to have every detail sketched out toperfection. With him undertaking this mighty task, he seems to be getting his nerves frayed which indeed seem to be putting down his health.

Guess, Rajamouli should learn to chill and relax like Boyapati and sit down and relax for the release of his film.