Rajamouli impresses with Telugu Talli concept

telugu-talliFilmmaker SS Rajamouli caught the attention of AP Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu after the splendid artwork in the film Baahubali.

He was part of Naidu team to select the architectural design for the building in Amaravathi that represent the Indian and Telugu culture. The Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA) officials along with Naidu and Rajamouli finalised some designs and have put them in public domain for review.

Rajamouli proposed an idea of installing Telugu Talli (Mother Telugu) statue in the centre of the building’s hall, in a way that sun rays would fall on it when a time is set. The mirror reflection technology is used for such system. That was unanimously liked by everyone.

This is not an new idea, Our ancient astronomers and architects studied the path of sun to millimeter perfection and built temples in such a way that the sun rays touch the idol deep in the temple at specific times every year. Inspired by them, this idea is to pay tribute to “Telugu Thalli” at the beginning of Assembly Sessions, says rajamouli.