Rajamouli disciple is back after long break

rp_Rajamouli-300x232-1-300x232-1-300x232-1-300x232-1-300x232.jpgTollywood ace director Rajamouli has become a idol for many upcoming young director .

Several youngsters are competing to learn direction techniques from Rajamouli, joining as his assistant .

Karuna Kumar, who worked in the Rajamouli school, has directed the film ‘Drona’ with Young Hero Nitin. However, this young director took a Long Gap to return to the audience with a youthful love story.

A new movie with Sumanth Ashwin as hero of the movie , it is produced by Sivakumar and directed by Rajamouli’s disciple Karuna Kumar has been under shoot.

This is a GenX romantic comedy with a impressive story line , it will be the best film in Sumanth Ashwin’s career,says a source.