Rajamouli concern for woman !

Ace director who returned from Thailand after spending some happy time with his close aide mourned for Nirbhaya who was dead yesterday after brutal rape in Delhi.

Rajamouli was very much touched with the news, expressed his concerned towards Indian woman. He said… Deeply saddened by the news of Nirbhaya passing away. Ofcourse the guilty should be punished with max penalty and they will be.But we all know that alone is not the solution. We all should own up the responsibility. Forget the whole womanhood, are we treating our mothers, wives and Daughters with respect?Are we valuing their OPINION?are we at least asking4their opinion.

Boys as kids in our homes learn from us.if we don’t Treat women as EQUALS,they start feeling superior from that age itself.the girls start feeling inferior from very young age,ONLY because the Way we treat them. just returned from Thailand and for me the obvious difference between the 2 countries is that I found working women in Which ever place I went. Hotels, shops, tellers, cashiers not just in Bangkok but in every small town, the women folk are earning members.

He said, I read somewhere that if basic wages are fixed for an Indian house wife for all the hours she puts into cooking, washing, cleaning, bringing up kids she will be earning MORE than than the average Indian male. all I us should realise and start respecting her TODAY.that will be the Least what we can do to Nirbhaya. RIP young lady, the nation grieves you.