Rajamouli = Coke + Pop Corn @ Imax

The noted director S S Rajamouli has been keeping many cine buffs waiting from a long time as his film Eega is yet to hit the screens. The film got postponed almost half a dozen times and till now, it is not sure whether the film will release in July or not. While that is one side, here is an interesting thing.

It is heard that Rajamouli is being seen every Friday at the Prasads Imax theatre in Hyderabad watching the first day first show of the latest releases. He is being accompanied by his wife Rama Rajamouli and his kids or few others. Just like any other film enthusiast, Rajamouli is spotted with pop corn and sipping coke.

Some are casually commenting that instead of spending time in the theatre, he can go and work on his project so that it can get completed sooner. But there are those who are supporting Rajamouli stating that he plans things very well and maybe watching these films are a form of relaxation for him.