Rajamouli busy with Magadheera

magadheera-fightDirector Rajamouli has taken the Telugu cinema to international level with the ‘Baahubali’ series and is now busy with ‘Magadheera’. Is Rajamouli making ‘Magadheera’ 2? That’s not true.

Ramcharan and Kajal starrer ‘Magadheera’ was released in 2009. However, Only after ‘Baahubali’ the craze for the director has reached the sky. Magadheera was not released in other languages other than the South . The film was released in abroad, but only with English subtitles. Moreover, Rajamouli did not have a craze at that time.

Rajamouli has got deal of craze after ‘Baahubali’ series. Especially in Japan. Gifts and Gadgets have shown their admiration for ‘Baahubali’. There are many emoji masks with ‘Baahubali’ characters. Rajamouli hopes to release the film ‘Magadheera’ into Japanese language, sources said. However, the wait for official statement.