Rajamouli brand bigger than Pawan and Mahesh ?

Rajamoulis-Pawan-Kalyan-Mahesh-BabuThe real potential of Telugu film market especially in overseas is revealed with the release of India’s Most Expensive film , Maverick director Rajamouli’s  Baahubali, which was released in 4000 screens worldwide on July 10th.

Before Baahubali release, There was a misconception among Trade analysts and the entire Telugu film fraternity that USA market is ruled by star stamina, Only Power star Pawan Kalyan and Super star Mahesh Babu are considered to be the kings in overseas , who can bring Millions of Dollars.

There were also assumptions that,  NRI’s living in USA and Canada would consider ratings of few websites which are popularly read in US . But with Baahubali trashed all such assumptions, Rajamouli’s brand image seems to grown  much bigger than Pawan Kalyan or Mahesh Babu and Tollywood star heroes as People living in US did not even took time to look at the website ratings, which were considered to be Holy books to them before watching any film .

And the websites Admin/Authors , who used consider themselves as  “Fate decides” are awestruck looking at the collections of Baahubali despite of their poor ratings. Almost all the existing sites that gave ratings between 3 to 3.25 out of 5, have lost their credibility as public choose to show their finger to the ratings .

Baahubali became unpredictable for everyone including for those gray haired Trade observers . But what made Baahubali so Big? Wait !! …we will analyse in coming days.