Rajamouli becomes Guru Of Bollywood

There was a time when the Bollywood gates were the most difficult to enter for anyone in the south. There is also a talk that the southern folks were seen a little lightly by the Bollywood folks. However, times have changed and today one man from our Tollywood has become the guru of Bollywood.

 He is none other than S S Rajamouli. Well, the craze for Rajamouli’s films have been rising high with each passing day. Already, his ‘Vikramarkudu’ got remade and scored a thumping success while his ‘Maryada Ramanna’ is on the floors and is setting high expectations. Now, another byte has arrived.
Buzz is that the other hits of Rajamouli such as ‘Chatrapathi’ and ‘Simhadri’ have fallen into the Bollywood scanners and the Hindi producers are reportedly chasing the tough taskmaster to part with the remake rights. If all this is true then there is no doubt in saying with pride that the Guru of Bollywood hails from Tollywood.