Rajamouli arrogant statements on Star Heroes

With Rajamouli Eega super success at boxoffice , Director Rajamouli feels that he is on cloud nine, His arrogant statements on star heroes proved  that success kick has reached his head to utter these statements.

Rajamouli who started his career with these star heroes slowly managed to gain popularity among audience and set his trade mark to reach top director position of  Tollywood. Now with latest flick Eega which has no star hero, has got good review rating as well as super openings, Salute for his marketing techinique by continiously attending all the audio functions of star heroes at the same time marketing his Eega on every platform  for all these months to keep the craze among public.

Now after Eega’s release, Rajamouli planned Eega success tour as Eega was doing well only at ‘ A’  centers whereas in B and C centers there was huge drop witnessed from monday onwards . When interviewed about Eega success Rajamouli said , Star’s image  can only bring good openings but true success lies with director how he handles the emotions and project them perfectly, And said  Stars  can atmost widen the success range but Eega proved that every one wrong with huge openings as well as  success range. Don’t you think you might heard such statements earlier ? Yes, you are right  these statements sounds something … A veteran director Dasari Narayana Rao always make. Last but not least Rajamouli said Eega is like oxygen for  director fraternity from now all with try to believe their  ablitity rather believing in Stardom for success.

With these above statements Rajamouli meant to say stardom is nothing before him. Observers say  When success haunts some one they forget their past ..Lets see how long Rajamouli brand name works with out depending of star heroes image for his future projects.