Rajamouli appreciates Mahesh Babu

rajamouli-mahesh-478748Ace director Rajamouli in an interview to TV channel expressed discomfort in creating a war like situation comparing Mahesh babu’s Srimanthudu and Prabhas Baahubali.

He said that, it is so gracious on the part of Srimanthudu team to go back and give the space for Baahubali . He further said, Srimanthudu feared Baahubali is a silly rumour and expressed that even Baahubali would also have been postponed if Srimanthudu is posted earlier .

He said, they are not here to make others to lose their revenues . He said, they had a clear understanding with Srimanthudu producers and were in contact with them on daily basis.

He said, He should appreciate Mahesh Babu, the way he spoke in a gentlemanly manner without losing his temper despite media stressed him on Baahubali ‘fear’.