Rajamouli appeal to Kannadigas

rajamouliAce filmmaker SS Rajamouli took to Twitter to post a video which shows him appealing to Kannadigas to allow the release of his magnum opus- Baahubali 2 – in Karnataka on April 28.

Rajamouli explains that Sathyaraj is only a supporting actor in this film, who would not face any loss if the movie is not screened.

He said, “I’m not fluent in Kannada, please forgive me if I speak something wrong. The Baahubali team and I wanted to issue a clarification about the Sathyaraj controversy. A few years back Sathyaraj had made some comments, which have hurt your sentiments. But, we are no way connected to his comments. It is his personal opinion. We were not aware of this issue

Satyaraj made this comments 9 years ago. After that many of his films were released in Karnataka, including Baahubali part 1. He is neither the director nor the producer of this film. He is one of the many supporting actors in the film. Baahubali team has explained the situation to Stayaraj over the phone. And we can’t do anything more than that.