Raja the Great is not the one told to NTR

anil-ravipudiMass Maharaja Ravi Teja as hero ‘Raja the Great’ is all set to hit theaters tomorrow. Anil Ravipudi is directing this movie.

Anil spoke to media gathering held in Hyderabad on this occasion. He said, ” I myself got confidence when the story of ‘Raja the Great’ was narrated to Raviteja . He liked it very well. He was more enthusiastic after listening to the second half. It is not a simple thing to show a star hero in the role of blind man. When I wrote the script, I was scared of some things. But after the completion of the entire script, Confidence grew in me. Many films have come in the backdrop of the blind. But the films coming in the commercial format with such concept are very low. “.

“Raja The Great is a pakka commercial film with a new concept . This movie is entertaining to everyone. I’ve done homework for the movie. I have examined many people to shape the characters. Ravi Teja done justice to the role without any difficulty. In any case, I thought he would make a mistake but it did not happen. Raviteja’s son Mahadevan has also played a key role in this movie, along with Radhika, Rajendra Prasad and others. They are highlighted in the film. “, said the director.

He added, “NTR has also heard a story. But it is not this story that was told to Raviteja. That was just about 45 minutes story told to NTR. I want to make a film with another script with NTR. “