Raja Cheyyi Veste Movie Review – Flat Thriller

Raja-Cheyyi-Veste-movie-review-Nara-Rohit-Raja-Cheyyi-Veste-Rating-Raja-Cheyyi-Veste-live-updates-public-response-Telugu-movie-Raja-Cheyyi-Veste-reviewMovie : Raja Cheyyi Veste
Production Company : Varahi Chalana Chitram
Director : Pradeep
Producers : Sai Korrapati
Cast : Nara Rohit, Nandamuri Taraka Ratna, Isha Talwar
Music : Sai Karthik
TeluguSquare.com Rating 2.75/5


An aspiring director Rajaram( Nara Rohit) , works as assistant director and tries to impress producers with new scripts whenever he gets opportunity . He aim to give a super hit film as director . His girlfriend is Chaithra (Isha Talwar). One day he narrates breath-taking love story to his girlfriend in coffee shop, Everyone sitting there gets thrilled and appreciates Rajaram .

The very next day , Rajaram gets a letter and some money in corrors from a stranger stating that He is a director and he is very impressed with Rajaram’s story and asks him to write a beautiful love story .Raja sends his own love story, which impresses the stranger, but he asks for an action ending for killing a brutal villain.Raja once again sends the story with small changes in his story a thrilling plot.

Now the twist begins, Raja receives a parcel in which he founds a gun and the stranger asks Raja to kill the real life brutal villain Vincent Malik (Tarak Ratna) implying the same plot. He receives a message showing his girlfriend Chitra meeting a planned accident,if he doesn’t kill Vincent Malik .

While Vincent Malik is a third graded criminal ,who kills anyone who comes in his path. How Rajaram will face Vincent Malik ? Why Rajaram is chosen for the task? Who is that stranger diretor? How Rajaram comes out from the problem? …forms the plot.


Performance wise Nara Rohit is okay, but he has to put down weight to get fit into the screen. Tarakaratna as villain was stylish and he impressed with his performance , he simply dominated nara Rohit. Isha talwar is more off glamour than performance.Shashank, CVL, Sivaji Raja and Ravi Varma have done a neat job and justified to their roles. Sai Karthik’s music is confined to theater , Production values are good.

Pradeep who debuted as a director has made a solid story bu he fails to connect the dots. The plot is fresh and interesting but the way it was presented and handled by the diretor was not up to the mark. The director should have more concentrated on the screenplay. The movie has a normal story with lot of twists and buildup as if something is going to happen. But for audience this Hungama does not give a thrilling feel. The first half revolves around Hero and his love . The main plot begins in second half . Director wrote many twists but failed to present in an impressive way .

Hero believes that ‘Brain should be used as Gun so that thoughts will come out as Bullets’ , but the diretor failed to recreate such ‘Hero’ in the film. Hero’s decisions and thoughts does not show any kind of intelligence. AFter heavy build up for villain character played by Tarakaratna, the role looks normal after some time. Overall Raja Cheyyi Veste is a loosely packed mind-game thriller.


Flat Thriller