Raja turns Christian Preacher to impress his boss

It is a common thing to see heroes and heroines struggling in their career turning to other fields like business, event management etc. However, here is one actor who seems to have chosen a completely different path, a path of devotion and religious propaganda.

He is none other than Raja. Though he scored a hit with his movie ‘Anand’, Raja has not been able to sustain his career towards growth. He was recently seen in the movie ‘Mr Nookayya’ and gave an efficient performance. However, With no other option left to impress his boss Jagan and his party he seems to show interest  to spread the ‘Word Of God’.

Yes, Raja seems to have become a preacher of Christianity and lately, ads are being seen across various newspapers with Raja grinning and stating about the ‘Power To Change’. Some are commenting that since he didn’t have the power to change the fate of his career, Raja has decided to take this route.