Raj Tarun Vs RGV on Twitter

rgv-rajtarunRecently there was news that Raj Tarun to star in a silent film by RGV. But this duo are toying with Twitter to pull each other’s leg

Raj Tarun Tweeted

I am doing a film with RGV …i think he’s just a ok ok director ..my pet name for him is Appa Rao
I honestly feel that I can make a far better Rangeela and a far better Shiva if I were the director ..but still RGV was Ok Ok

RGV Tweeted ..I think Raj Tarun is a fantastic actor..compared to him most actors are Subba Raos.

I truly think Raj Tarun more than an actor is potentially a much much greater director than me Poori,V V Vinayak, Rajmouli etc etc.


Raj Tarun Tweeted

Am doing RGV film inspite of thinking that he’s just a Ok director because I know I can correct his mistakes

I honestly dint want to do his film because of his f all story but RGV fell on my feet and cried ..so I said ok  ( This Tweet was later  Deleted )