Raj Tarun teams up with Dil Raju

dilraju-rajtatunYoung hero Raj Tarun is giving average movies these days, the josh that was with him initially in the career is not seen now.

He is doing a series of films but none of his films was super hit. The hit films producer Dil Raju ‘Satamanam Bhavati’, Nenu Local were supposed to be made with Raj Tharun but the projects went into the hands of heroes.

Presently, this young hero is doing ‘Raja Gadu’ which will be released as Sankranti gift. Now Dil Raju is planning to make a film with Raj Taran. In fact, Dil Raju-Anish Krishna and Raja Tarun Combo had to go up to the sets but Dil Raju had postponed the film due to his commitments. But it seems that the film is about to begin shooting.

The movie will be launched in November. Anish Krishna is directing this movie will be a crime thriller. Director is busy in choosing the heroine and other actors in the film.