Rain water Leakage in Jagan’s chamber

water-leakThe opposition YSRCP Leaders protest against CM Chandrababu Naidu over Rain water Leakage in Jagan’s chamber in newly build AP Secretariat.

YSRCP staged a protest at Gate II by tying the black cloth to their mouths. While Jagan’s own media channel Sakshi criticized the TDP government for using poor quality in constructing the building.

Reacting to the allegations, AP Speaker Kodela shiva prasad inspected and ordered a CBCID inquiry into it.

CRDA investigated the reason for the leak. It is found that The AC machine electric pipe of Jagan was cut and there Rain Water Pipe which was beside it. The water of rain water was accumulated and went inside the electric plastic pipe and started pouring down through the false ceiling of Jagan’s chamber.

Jagan’s Chamber is in the North East Corner of the Assembly and the water usually is allowed to flow to that corner