Rahul keen to patch up with Jagan

Congress future PM candidate Rahul Gandhi sent his core secret agents to Andhra Pradesh on a special mission to find possibility patch up with YS.Jagan.

Rahul team Vishwajet Rana, Jetendra Prabhu started there work to find the possibility of Jagan merger his party into congress. They met TG Venkatesh, JC Devakar Reddy & Kasu Krishna Reddy and inquired about Jagan’s condition for merge.

JC speaking to media said, Rahul team met them and we informed that Jagan would come up with list of conditions to get patched up which include completing removal of cases filed on him, CM seat and etc..

While, some of the leader are anger about this development . For making Rahul as PM ,it will be worst idea to again go for a patch up.