Rahul Gandhi’s proposal to Jagan !

Y S Jagan, the founder of the YSR Congress party has been known to be a stubborn and strong willed man and he has been doing the things the way he wanted to. The only problem for him right now is, he is in jail and every effort is happening from the CBI to keep him inside for as long as possible.

But there is a new rumour making rounds. It is heard that a secret mission is currently happening wherein Rahul Gandhi has proposed a deal with Jagan. If YSR Congress is willing to merge with Congress then all the charges against Jagan will be dropped and he will be a free man.

The rumour also says that due to the current situation of Jagan, the position of YSR Congress is in a state of confusion as they are not sure how to proceed forward with the party activities. Considering the rumours to be true one question that many are asking is, will Jagan bend to Rahul.