Rahul Gandhi satires on Narendra Modi for losing Bihar

rahul-gandhiCongress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi has reacted on Bihar elections results making satires on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP.

He said, They want to congratulate all the workers and leaders of Mahaga Bandhan and especially Nitish Kumar . The defeat of BJP is a defeat of hatred,arrogance and anger.

Rahul Gandhi sent a message saying, Modi to tone down his arrogance, it will be good for him and for the nation as well. He alleged that, Modi & BJP tried to separate Indians with religious split politics . But the people are wanting brotherhood, Love and development.

His party always wanted to have Nitish in power as he can bring development in the state. He said, There are some internal discussions on whether Congress will be part of Bihar Govt. Finally Rahul Gandhi congratulates Modi for Diwali.