Rahul Gandhi attacks KCR government

rahulCongress Vice President Rahul Gandhi addressed a public meeting in Sangareddy Telangana and attacked Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao for failing to deliver promises given in 2014 elections.

He said The Congress Party has understood the struggle of the students who sacrificed their lives in agitation. It recognized the pain of the people to give the Telangana state. but what TRS Government has done students, youth, women, is running them toward backward and helping the contractors and the mafia.

In the past 3 years, 2855 farmers have committed suicide in Telangana and 100 farmers from Chief Minister’s constituency alone. Is the UPA govt gave Telangana state to become a graveyard for farmers? questioned Rahul.

Telangana people future went into the hands of 4-5 people, Is this so-called Golden Telangana?. When Mirchi farmers demanded supporting price for the crop, they were arrested by this govt. During Congress regime, Students gave fee reimbursement but TRS govt diluted it.

During the elections in 2014, KCR promised a job for each household in Telangana. Even after 3 years, not even a single job was given, not an even a job for a village was given. He also criticized the loan waiver promise for delaying it instead of settling the amount in one term.