Ragalai (Racha tamil) collected 5cr share in Tamilnadu

Ram Charan’s RACHA movie released in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam languages and running successfully in all states and languages. With a mass masala entertainer Tamil RAGALAI, Cherry was welcomed by Tamilians. Ragalai released with 282 theatres in Tamil Nadu which was a very huge and good number for any non Tamil movie in Kollywood. In fact this is the first big release by any telugu movie in Tamil market. NV Prasad used the opportunity to launch Cherry in Tamil and he did it with perfection. A long strike by Tamil film industry also attributed for a big release and Ragalai took the advantage with both hands and a massive release is happened (during the last one month time, no big released in Tamilnadu). Also Cherry was asked by all Tamil Media and entertainment channels for exclusive interviews for Tamil Ugadi and every channel carried special programs on Cherry.

Ragalai ran successfully and in the first week it amassed 80% of full in Tamilnadu. NV Prasad released Ragalai on SUPERGOOD FILMS banner by taking a calculated risk and all together he spent 2.5 crore rupees for dubbing, prints, publicity and release for both Tamil and Malayalam. As per the news pouring, Tamil RAGALAI collected a share of more than 5 crores and NV prasad is going to get the good returns from TAMIL RAGALAI. So minimum of 2Cr profit is expected from Tamil RAGALAI.