Racha success gave Ram Charan a dangerous example?

Even after three weeks from its release, Racha is going great guns at the box office.As there is no big star movie to share the market, it is continuing its dream run.Trade pundits opine that these figures offer a great relief to Ram Charan who is struggling to get protect his base in Tollywood.But what lessons did Racha teach Ram Charan and what is the take away from success is an interesting debate in the film nagar.

Many opine that this is not a very good sign to score a blockbuster not with content, but just luck and pure timing.They also say, had Racha release conflicted with any other decent star hero movie, its fate at box office would have been nothing better than ‘miserable’.Is this a really positive sign for the budding star, who needs to prove a point with talent, but not luck? Did Ram Charan really grown up to be a mature star with Racha? These questions are open to much debate.

However few other strongly negate the above view point.They say “Telugu Film Industry is all about the trade and the numbers.Racha spoke with numbers.This is definitely a morale booster for Ram Charan.As Chiranjeevi stated in Gabbar Singh audio release, he initially chose few movies to satisfy an actor within him, but after few movies he stuck to what is expected of him as a Mega Star.May be Ram Charan started that too early in his career.” Whatever be the arguments, it all depends on how Ram Charan will mold his career post Racha success.