Raabta makers counter to Magadheera makers

magadheera-raabtaIt has already reported that The makers of Telugu film Magadheera have approached the Hyderabad Court and sought an injunction against the release of Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon’s new film Raabta citing plagiarism and violation of copyright.

Raabta makers have sent an official statement on behalf of makers denying the allegations made by Magadheera makers. In a statement, They categorically rejected even the remotest of suggestions that our film is a copy of Magadheera. we find it extremely unsavoury and disrespectful when people from the industry belittle somebody’s hard work by using words like “copied” and plagiarized” nonchalantly and jump to conclusions merely on the basis of a mere 2 minute and 1r4 second trailer, without verifying the facts or waiting for the film to release for the public to give its verdict. ” No one can claim copyright in ideas and plots”,  stated the statement.