Raa Raa movie Review – No No

raaraaMovie: Raa Raa
Actors: Srikanth, Nazia, Venu, Chamakh Chandra, Ali, Prithvi,Shakalakal Shankar and others
Music: Rap Rock Shakiel
Editing: Shankar
Producer: M.Vijay
Director: Shankar
Banner: Vizi Cheresh Visions
TeluguSquare.com Rating: 2.25/5 

Director Rajkiran (Srikanth) makes three movies and the three films turn into flops at box office. At the time of the third film, his mother gets a heart attack. His ambition is to make a hit movie to save the life of his mother. This time he chooses a horror story. He ends up in the oldest bungalow of the town to make the film. That’s where the story is written, and that’s where he wants to finish shooting. However, in the bungalow, some souls exist. Everyone who enters it will not be sent out. Rajkiran and his team will be held as a hostage in that house. How is Rajkiran able to get out of the house? forms the story.


This movie will begin with the intimidating point, But the director does not use it properly. The scenes in which the ghosts are scared seeing human beings should be made funny but the director could not deliver. Despite the presence of countless actors, the scenes lack strength. Prithvi comes in the middle and makes some sense of relief. There is no story for the first time, Just pinching of the scenes. In the second half ghost gang enters where a twist takes place, followed by ghost flashback and then the movie with ghosts. The point to make a film with ghosts is interesting but the audience will be bored. Because both the entertainment and the horror elements lack in Raa Raa and the film could not do justice to this. The majority of the comedians, the hero Srikanth, are the main attraction of the film.

For the first time, Srikanth chose this kind of story. Even though it was new to him, but for the audience, it’s not new. The role of Srikanth was weak. Prithvi episode is the only one that can be remembered. Heroines characters have nothing to give, Ali, Raghubabu, Hema, Shakalaka Shankar have tried to bring some humour. The story and screenplay are quite common. The technical team’s performance seems to be the same. Chandamama song is impressive, even the graphics in the song. It would have been better if the film was made with some dedication.


+ A team of comedians


– Comideian wasted


Raa..Raa – No..No