Puri’s sentiment in talk !

Director Puri Jagannath does not have any sentiments . In his earlier days of his career his car number used to be 24 and people used to remember it easily. To confuse them he changed it to 3569 . Later he continued the same number as he liked it  but not for sentiment .

He says, he used to pray GOD but not now. One day it happened  when he was in Panjagutta, He  was forced to visit Sai Baba temple . Puri prayed to Baba saying that “This should be my last visit to your temple and don’t make me to visit again ” . Although his intention was clear that he should not come again with a Wish list before Baba asking him to fulfill them but, with the grace of Baba he never looked back from that day. After that day he never visited the temple too.

Some may wonder at the movie launch time , Puri perform puja before first shot, He clarified it saying the, He does it  for the sake of producer . From the above experience one can understand that  Puri is very intelligent in asking his wishes .