Puri’s reverse gear dialogues in CgR

The dialogues of Pawan Kalyan’s upcoming flick ‘Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu’ were turned out to be different especially between  hero and heroine, The  dialogues look are very different from other movies.

Generally in Puri movies Hero always calls heroine ‘Osay’, ‘Emey’, ‘Raaye’ and hero does not care heroine’s father. But in this movie heroine Tamanna goes in a reverse gear and calls Pawan Kalyan as ‘Oray’, ‘Era’ etc. but Pawan Kalyan calls her “Madam”, ‘Meeru’ etc. This reverse gear dialogue will definitely entertain audience with a new feel. Says CgR unit.

Power star plays the role of a reporter in this mass entertainer, is releasing on 18th OCT. Will director Puri Jagannath retains his mark in dialogues or falls behind will be answered in one day.