Puri targets all parties with CGR !

Pawan Kakyan’s ” Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu” ‘s , Ranababu role played by Prakash Raj turned into super controversy, his dialogues, the name tag, characterizations confused every party to link up with them.

Director Puri Jagannath cleverly portrayed the character , First it resembles character of YSRC party YS Jagan  who’s main  aim in life is to become CM of the state went to jail and Prakash Raj character have same features. But the party remained silent as it knows , if it make mess about the Prakash raj’s  role , who played a villain role , It might give wrong impression about  Jagan’s character in public and damage the YSRC party’s reputation further.

Secondly its the name tag used to target Telugu Deasam party Chief Chandra Babu Naidu by giving the name tag “Naidu” to Kota’s  character and Rana Babu is son of Kota. It means Chandra Babu is Kota and Lokesh Naidu is Rananbabu.

Thirdly , TRS party is angry with movie dialogues of Prakash Raj and Pawan Kalyan where Pawan screws up Prakash raj with his questions in second half about the Telugu movement shown in the movie which has nothing to do with present Telangana Movement, but still TRS feeling insure about criticizing them .

Overall, Puri has confused every single political party , while congress is enjoying these drama .