Puri Jagannadh reveals his Bangkok massage story

puri-jaganTollywood Director Puri Jagannadh who is facing serious charges in recent Drugs racket burst has revealed about his frequent visits to Bangkok in an interview to media house after SIT interrogation.

He revealed that he was taking body massage for last 15 years from the same lady in Bangkok, who is around 55 years old.

He said He will not be able to complete the story, screenplay, and the dialogues work, staying in India for more than 6 months. But sitting in Bangkok beach he could complete it in 15 days. Friends and relatives always come to his place when he is in India and that the reason he cannot concentrate on the script.

He told that he does visit Bangkok for his professional work and not for enjoyment and his family member also joins his trips. The lady who gives a message to him is also known to his family members.

He said, His family members are suffering a lot after his name was highlighted in Drugs case. He said He has no enemies, maybe unknown enemies might have targeted him. But the truth will prevail in coming days.