Puri Jagannadh blames media for fabricated reports

puri-jaganIn the Hyderabad drug bust, Special Investigation Team of the Prohibition and Excise Department of Telangana has summoned 12 artists from Tollywood and started questioning them.

On the first day of the questioning, director Puri Jagannadh appeared before the SIT officials on Wednesday. After 11 hours of investigation, Puri Jagannath has responded through social media to give clarity of media reports.

He said, ” I went to SIT office where the officials have questioned about the allegations against me. I clearly told them that I do not who Kelvin was and never met him also. I am ready to cooperate with SIT”.

He further said, “I am a responsible person and I don’t do any illegal things. I love police department and for that reason, I made several films and even made a film ‘ISM’ on Journalists. But today, I was very hurt because the media friends who are working in all channels have messed up my life with their fabricated programs, when the time came. Media friends have completely disappointed me. If anything is fishy, SIT office will decide it”, said Puri.

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