Puri Jagan Quarter Century With Pawan

We All Know about Puri Jagan Speed Earlier in this Year he had Completed Businessman in 4 Months and released in 5th Month.In this Year he is Directing his Third Film in this Year.As Well he is Announced his Fourth Film Also.
Puri Jagan and his Movies Both are having Speed. If We Look the Tollywood Top Directors Movie Carrier.Rajamouli in his 11 years Career he delivers only 9 movies, VV Vinayak in his 10 Years Career he Did 12 Movies and Trivikram Srinivas who looks for Slow and Steady Policy On an Average he can’t deliver even a Film for Year, In his 10 Years Carrer he Delivered only 5 Movies.
If We Compare Puri Jagan with this trend Directors he has Different Style. As he also started his Career with the above directors only How is Going to Deliver his 25th Movie Pawan Kalyan i.e.., CGTR. Out of 25 Movies He did Movies in Telugu Kannada and Hindi Languages.
From Star Directors to Normal Directors all are taking one year average for Movie but Puri is Doing Four Movies Per Year. Let’s Wish a Big Hits For Next Puri Movies. As Rajamouli told earlier that Only Puri Can Deliver Block Buster in Less than 5 Months.