Puri Jagan miss the logic over Ravana’s behaviour

puriDirector Puri Jagannadh being a intellectual , missed a logic to post a pic which made some  immature comments on Ravana’s  behavior towards Sita Devi.

Puri posted a picture on Facebook which talks about Ravana, It’s considers Ravana as ‘slightly naughty ‘and not an ‘evil’.  The pic also mentions that Ravana gave respect to Sita than we normally give to women in today’s world.

It also makes us understand that Ravana, instead of taking advantage of kidnapped Sita, requested her for marriage . But the truth behind Ravan’s good behaviour is that, He has a curse of death, if he gets very close to a women without acceptance . Puri has missed this logic to share the pic which praised Ravana’s behaviour.