Puri is the Highest Earner in Tollywood

Actors complain about high service tax is levied on the annual revenue added to the already painful income tax. Part of Media is filing false income figures as actors without even verifying the facts. When the question of ‘highest paid’ occurs, the focus is mainly on the superstars. But the fact is none of the superstars earn as much as Puri Jagannadh in this calendar year.

Puri does not charge for his films. He asks for a share of profits in the total business done and most of the time his films were sellouts. For the businessman, he was reportedly a share of seven crore rupees. His share would Devudu Chesina Manushulu somewhere around five crores at the minimum.

Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu is getting fantastic deals and Puri will probably at least eight crores as its share to get for this film. He will also complete Allu Arjun’s film this year. He was five to six crores for the film. This means that Puri’s income this year no less than twenty-five crore rupees. If DCM, CGR and Allu Arjun movies prove to be hits, his share would go up. Therefore, no other star in the neighborhood come Puri profit this year. Working at a rocket speed helps Puri to quickly make money and he is happy.