Puri experiments with Mahesh’s flop

Puri upcoming movie with Raviteja is already at the verge of completion,expectations are very high on this movie. Everybody was surprised when Puri announced the title as he is known as a person who rejects the existence of any God. When asked, Puri says that his forthcoming film drives home the point that God is present in every good heart. This point reminds everyone of Mahesh-Trivikram combo Khaleja.

Khaleja movie had a divine element in it. Trivikram balanced the divine part of it by saying that there is a God in everybody and that comes out when one is willing to help others. Though movie failed because it did not reach masses, it got critical acclaim. Now Puri is taking the same point again to narrate it in his own style.  Puri has got the art of narrating ordinary script in an extraordinary fashion.   Let us see how far this creative directors succeeds in presenting Trivikram’s God formula.