Public talk on Nayak

Mega powerstar Ram Charan is currently busy with the shaping up of his new movie and this has been titled as ‘Nayak’. The director for this is the ‘Sumo’ hit director V V Vinayak. Recently few stills of the film were released and now hot discussions are happening on the feel of these pictures.

One group mentions that Charan looks more matured and convincing in his role and his intensity of expressions is quite catching. On the other hand, the title is very powerful and focus seems to be very strong on the action sequences and fights in this movie.

Another group has commented that this looks like an enhanced version of ‘Racha’. As such, ‘Racha’ got lucky to become a hit but the same theme will not work again, as per them. Overall, the first feel on ‘Nayak’ has been positive but the only hiccup is Vinayak’s past few movies. Let us hope he counters all that with a hit.